Canalou is a book about the region's people.  They live in six counties that were part of the Louisiana Purchase.  Explorer Lewis noted in his annals that his now famous expedition made its first camp in what is now Scott County, where I was born.

Canalou native Dan Whittle is a retired newspaperman, a reporter who always had the knack for listening for more than just the bare facts.  His book of Bootheel stories is both funny and touching.

Having known "Danny" whittle since venerable old Grayridge High School days in the 1960s, I can testify that he knows the back-breaking pain of picking cotton under the boiling hot sun of the Bootheel's tortuous dog days of sumer.

Make no mistake, those who survived and benefitted by spending our youth in his unique area of the world, are proud of our heritage ... and culture.

                                                                                               -- Garry Lewis

The Bootheel has survivd great earthquakes, murderous guerrillas during the Civil War, the mechanization of agriculture that eliminated farm labor, and the demise of shoe and clothing manufacturing that employed thousands.

Times are sometimes bad, but we have our pride and best of al, our sense of humor.

                                                                                      -- MIke Shain