Thank you Dan Whittle for story .....

First of all I want to thank Dan (Dan Whittle) for writing the article about me.  I don't know what Dan drinks to make him think up all of the things he puts in print.  I do know that it must be a powerful concoction of many unknown ingredients, for him to dream up so many things.  Most of what he said about me is true. 

One has to not only know Dan Whittle, but understand Dan. And, you cannot really understand Dan until you read his book, "Canalou".  This is a book about the story of Dan's life and growing up in the swamps of Missouri "Bootheel" country in a place called, Canalou.  If you are a big fan of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn Stories, you will surely love the wonderful story of his life in "Canalou".

I started reading this inspiring story, and could not put the book down.  First time I had read an enire book in a couple of nights.  It is a permanent part of my select Library of great books, including the Bible, and other great stories in my lifetime.  If I were President of the United States, I would make this book required reading before one could graduate from High School, because this book tells the story of why this country is so great.  I highly recommend that if you want to read a great story, told by a true American, then get a copy of "Canalou", and read it.  Again, thanks Dan.  I am proud to have you as a friend.  And I am honored to be your friend.  God bless you and yours always, GOD BLESS THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.